ISO/TC 68/ SC 7
Financial Services - Core Banking

ISO 18245 Retail financial services - Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

ISO 18245 defines code values used to enable the classification of merchants into specific categories based on the type of business, trade or services supplied. Values are specified only for those merchant categories that are generally expected to originate retail financial transactions.

ISO 18245 also establishes the procedures for a Registration and Maintenance Management Group (RMMG), which considers requests for new codes values, and a Maintenance Agency (MA), which provides the administrative procedures required to maintain an up-to-date list of codes.

ISO 18245 can be purchased through the ISO website. As current secretariat for SC 7, AFNOR acts as maintenance agency for ISO 18245. Further to the publication of this standard, new MCC have been allocated:

• Notification #1 (published on 2014-07-11)

• Notification #2 (to be published)

Consequently, the MCC list has been updated.