Listing of formally approved interpretations

To access the following documents, please click the link below:

Specific product category rules based on en 15804

CEN TCs have developed or are currently developing standards providing specific product category rules based on EN 15804. To download the list of CEN Technical Committees which have developed or are developing PCR, click on the following link:

EN 15804 and EN 15978 Interpretations process


At this meeting held in Stockholm in November 2011, members of CEN TC350 took the decision to establish a system to allow users to ask interpretation questions regarding the use of EN 15804 and EN 15978.


All interpretation request/question shall be sent to the following email address using the request forms:

Tips to formulate the question /interpretation

In order to facilitate the treatment of the question and request for interpretation the following rules shall be follow:

The question should:

Please note that the anwser given to the interpretation may take some time depending on next meeting dates of CEN TC 350/WG3 and status of discussions.

Please note that the anwser given to the interpretation will be send directly to the requester.